It Can’t Run Crysis

Every once in a while, I get a friend who get’s the PC bug. They want to build a computer, they need to build a computer. And sometimes they get exactly what they want.

This time it happened to be my roommate, Jonathan. He was on the hunt for a cheap gaming machine, he’s saving for a house so money is tight. Then one day he brings in Bertha. This enormous machine, the specs are as follows.

  • CPU – Athlon 64 X2 5600+
  • MOBO – HT2000
  • RAM – OCZ DDR2 3GB
  • HDD – 4 Generic HDD about 150GB each
  • GPU – HIC Radeon 7750

I call her Bertha because she’s big, slow, and ugly. She’ll win no beauty awards, but lucky for Jonathan she’s exactly what he needs. He plays FFXI which if you aren’t aware of the recommended specs, please google them. In a Coffee Lake & Ryzen world they are most amusing. In any case we turned her on only to get a Windows XP installation with a password long forgotten.

Since he wanted to things other than play Space Pinball, we decided to go ahead and strip the thing down, clean it out and load up Windows 10 onto it. It runs surprisingly well for something that went so long without a good dusting. And because someone is bound to ask, no it definitely can’t run crysis.


Below is the full project gallery.


Big Bertha

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