Going of the Grid: Part 2 – Hosting

If you haven’t already read it, go read Part 1 now. Today we’ll be discussing mostly hardware and hosting. So buckle in for some review.

When it comes to hosting your cloud you’ve got a few options, let’s go over them one at a time.


Wait what? Aren’t we trying to stop using the cloud services?! Well… Yes.. but here’s a few reasons to go this route.

Some people don’t want the hassle of assembling the hardware or the added expense of maintaining it.

This is a valid point. When you host via a service like AWS or Google Compute, you have instant access to your cloud, not setting up hardware or installing OSs. It’s also a cheaper initial cost. So anyone can host a cheap VM, and you’re off to the races. But be warned this option has a higher overall cost. Over the course of a year or two this option will keep having the reoccurring hosting cost. Where as hosting yourself only has high initial and occasional upgrade costs if done properly. There is also concern of data control. While you will most certainly have more control over where your data goes than using say google docs or music, at the end of the day Amazon or Google owns the servers ie the silicon and by extension total control of the server/vm. This means that they have a removed control of your data.


Aww yeah! This is what I came for! Halt! Beyond this point there be dragons.

For those who want total control over their data.

This is by any means the more difficult option and the one that holds more risk of done improperly. You’ll be putting your home network facing the internet which means that you’re responsible for keeping your security top knotch to prevent Intruders from making off with your documents and information. This option puts you totally on the hook for everything. But let’s discuss why this is a preferable option. You have total control of your data, but you also have better access to the hardware. This means you can upgrade to your hearts content and not pay a premium for it. If you want extra space you don’t have to pay a monthly cost to do so. Just buy a hard drive and pop it in and blam! More space.

I’ll be covering both options extensively as we go along. In the next article we’ll cover using AWS, setting up a VM, picking an OS, setting up a network and getting a domain for easy access.

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