Another Rabbit Hole Appears

It’s that time of year again, where I crawl out of my hole and preach that the world is coming to an end. This week’s bringer of destruction and death? Deepfakes.

A couple weeks ago an app appeared that to the unlearned seems pretty useless, however it’s widespread use and fame has proven it’s anything but. The app called FakeApp let’s anyone with the initiative to create quite a disturbing reality. It allows user to superimpose faces from one video to another, quite convincingly.

While the technology is still in it’s growing stages, the implications of anyone being able to access it is quite alarming. Already a Reddit Community was banned for superimposing the faces of celebrities onto illicit material. The social ramifications alone are quite alarming, but the political and economic ones are terrifying. H3H3 commented on the possible use this technology has in propaganda, which I agree with.

Now I don’t wan’t to fear monger, and I especially don’t wan’t to set panic. However the possibilities of the continued development of this technology undoubtedly has consequences we may not yet be aware of. I believe that those unaware of such a technology will believe whatever media they see as fact without questioning it. Another great reason to teach your kids about the internet.

[Image Credit – Jeffrey Weston]

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