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Somehow, knowing one language for all development as a reality doesn’t seem that far off. I can remember before NodeJS, there were seperate languages for each step of a development process. But now it’s streamlined and I’m personally excited to see where programming goes next.

The library that has me excited is a template for the vue-cli. Electron-Vue. It’s basically a Vue integration for Electron. The library itself isn’t particularly groundbreaking, but don’t let me diminish it, it’s some cool stuff. For the uninitiated, let’s cover the libraries separately first.


A controversial library for node, it adds back the web browser to NodeJS. For those scratching their heads, this is why. Imagine if you made a web app with access to all of NodeJS’s libraries. Sounding attractive yet? The ‘controversial’ part of this is the overhead of Electron. I’ll be honest, the memory usage is… well… it’s terrible. It’s actually pretty bad. But it’s not prohibitively bad, and it will get better with time. I hope. The cool part of this framework is that it lets you develop apps on the desktop using JavaScript. Swag.


A fantastic unopinionated JS framework. It’s fast, takes about 2 seconds to learn, and doesn’t care how you build your app. I know it sounds like I’m a fan boy, but having been babied by Angular for so long has left me with a sour taste in my mouth for web frameworks and Vue rekindled my hope for them.


A beautiful marriage of two frameworks that makes making stable client side apps very easy. The integration is seamless too, it makes electron available through the $electron¬†alias. Slap on Vuetify and now it’s got polish that most application devs would dream of. Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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