Vuetify – Instant Application, Just add Water

Diving into the JavaScript application development is not uncharted territory anymore, but that doesn’t mean its not hard from time to time. Especially when it comes to design.Luckily libraries are numerous in JavaScript especially those for Components and frameworks.

Vuetify is a Component framework that takes its design language from Google’s Material Design spec. It looks so akin to android, one might think that it was designed by Google.

It’s pretty versatile as well, it’s not overtly opinionated on your environment. I prefer to use it in a web pack context via NPM, in which is fits nicely. However it can be pulled in right from a CDN to fit with your own workflow however.

It even offers easy access to color theming which is essential to scaffolding out good design quickly.

But perhaps my favorite feature, is the data-table. It comes with baked in sorting, pagination, and even table row slotting. I work mainly on finance apps, so it’s really nice to drop this kind of built in functionality and not have to worry about it.

Overall I really like where this library is headed and I hope to see more like it in the future.

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