Gasp! A Mac and a PC user!?

People seem to be naturally tribal, the polarization of the Mac vs PC debate is older than I am. I’ve seen long drawn out arguments on Facebook and Twitter on this subject. Of course the truly toxic arguments take place on the remote places of the internet with some truly unforgivable words shouted from both sides. But to these I chuckle as I sip on my coffee, the idiots who have firmly picked a spot in either camp have fallen right into the traps that Apple and Microsoft have laid for them. Here’s why I use both.

The first question I get when people see that I have and iPhone or a Mac is why? Why do you have a 4 year old iPhone 6s Plus? Why do you have that overpriced MacBook pro?

The answer is simple, the ecosystem.

Don’t get me wrong, Google’s ecosystem is fantastic. The integration of all of the different Google services is spectacular. But that just makes it seem so much sadder when I say that Apple has done it so much better. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of things I don’t like about the Apple Ecosystem. But the transition from emailing and browsing the web using my phone to my laptop is, for lack of a better word, awesome. I mean really, Google simply does not have the same presence Apple has on the desktop(as of the time of this writing).

There are other things of course, that draw me into the world of Mac. However most of them are subjective, with the exception of certain things like hi-dpi scaling(this is almost perfect on Mac). For the most part it is that fantastic build quality, but there’s also something else, some hidden thought to certain things that makes windows feel like it just wasn’t thought out all the way. Don’t get me wrong, MacOS is full of problems however these problems are unnoticeable in day to day use, at least for the most part. And development on mac just feels like it flows so much smoothly, perhaps it’s because despite them both being unix based OSs, Mac has leaned a lot further toward linux than Windows. For example I don’t have to install Bash, like PowerShell would be great if I was orchestrating an Enterprise environment instead of developing applications.

But in reality, as an enthusiast I can’t get everything I need from Apple. Graphical programs, including VR and Games simply run better on DirectX than OpenGL(as of the time of this writing). So windows remains the OS of choice for those who want to run high performance applications, which is why I’m quite comfortable running windows on my desktop which is custom and quite powerful.

What confounds me the most however is this presumption that I have to pick a side. I get strange looks and eye rolls all the time when I mention my setup. I blame it on that tribal instinct, that pushes us both culturally and politically to ‘pick’ a side.

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