What I’m Working On: Vine Fellowship

I’d like to start doing little updates to share what my current projects are and how I’m doing them, a blog is the de facto place to write about this kind of stuff so lets go.

Current Project: Website for My Church

I built the original website in late 2015, when I was new to PHP and well the web in general. Since then I’ve become quite fluent in a few other languages most notably JavaScript. Back then it seemed great and was indeed better than the word press site it use to be. But now the look and backend is dated and since I’ve been hunkering for new projects I’ve decided to take on a complete overhaul of the website.

My Goals for this project are fairly moderate, it needs to be an effective CMS for the sermons and podcasts that the Church does on a regular basis. Luckily when I built it I was already familiar with the AWS S3 API, so I won’t be changing LFS solutions just switching from PHP to JavaScript.

The primary goal is to switch to an SPA more specifically VueJS, while this will be functionally more difficult to program the user experience is undoubtedly better. Secondary goals include better responsiveness. While the current site uses an older version of bootstrap that ‘works’, my inner perfectionist demands that it work flawlessly on all devices. With that in mind I’ll be using Vuetify for formatting the look of the site.

Since the backend will be JavaScript/Node, I’ve decided on Express as my Framework of choice along with KnexJS to access a sqlite3 database for development and a mysql database for production. Both are tried and true stable libraries that are batteries included and don’t have many dependencies themselves.

So that’s it for now! I’ll write an update as I make progress, though most likely after I’m finished. I look forward to building a nice small stable app.

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