Why JavaScript Tookover: Modulization

Every web programmer worth their salt can look around at the state of application development and know that today is vastly different from five or ten years ago. Many of my colleagues wonder how JavaScript became such a dominant language for developing applications on the web. But the answer is actually quite simple. JavaScript is easier to write applications in. Read more

Working With The AWS S3 API

File storage is one of the more difficult tasks that a developer can come across. I mean everything about files is bad, they’re big which means they’re slow and slow generally means a bad user experience. So if your file management process is bogged down with complexity it can be a real pain for your users to upload their content. Luckily there are some fantastic cloud solutions out there to handle a majority of the headache with this. Read more

Serverless Computing

Whenever I see my news and social feeds light up with something that is trending, my inner skeptic switch gets flipped. Though this stratagem of waiting to see how things pan out is generally safe(ie low risk), it often yields low reward. But that’s okay because really I’m not looking to get rich by being blindly adopting new technology without at least a minimal zoom out to see the long term costs and benefits. And that is my long winded segue into Serverless Development. Read more

Scaffolding CLI Tools, oclif

Tooling is one of the most important parts of development, and not all environments are created equal. And the best tools for tooling, are the ones that help you get up and running with development quickly. Today I’m gonna talk about oclif, a cool CLI-Framework for building CLIs, quickly.  Read more

Gasp! A Mac and a PC user!?

People seem to be naturally tribal, the polarization of the Mac vs PC debate is older than I am. I’ve seen long drawn out arguments on Facebook and Twitter on this subject. Of course the truly toxic arguments take place on the remote places of the internet with some truly unforgivable words shouted from both sides. But to these I chuckle as I sip on my coffee, the idiots who have firmly picked a spot in either camp have fallen right into the traps that Apple and Microsoft have laid for them. Here’s why I use both. Read more

Building a Budget Minded Church A/V Workstation

Running A/V on a laptop is great provided the device is powerful enough and portability is another great feature but nothing quite gives you the lasting life, customizability, and flexibility of a desktop. I’ll get to the pros and cons later, but first lets go to the parts list and why each part was chosen. Read more

4K On Linux? Not for a while

The state of high resolution scaling on linux has always been a point of contention for me with the OS. I go through these cycles where I’ll switch to whatever the hot distro of the time is, enjoy the heck out of developing with the native tools, then ultimately switch back to Windows because of the unusable scaling that exists for hi-dpi displays right now. Read more