macOS No Longer Ships with Scripting Languages

I cannot tell you how happy I am right now, Apple has decided to remove scripting languages from the base install and internalize the legacy functionality that those dependencies provided. While this might seem like small news, for programmers on Macbooks and there are a lot of them it’s a much welcome and much needed breath of fresh air. The update provides two major benefits, one making the life of a programmer much easier.

For those of us that use Homebrew, this really is great news. You see the problem this update solves is that most new python programs use version three, while the OS ships with version two. That means that whenever you want to use python you have to use the clunky and redundant python3 command, bleh. But now when we install python3 we can just use the python command beautiful.

In addition to the obvious benefits, this undoubtedly adds security and performance benefits as keeping mostly unused older versions of scripting languages has some obvious exploits. Plus internalizing the dependencies is just the right thing to do long term, it makes for a more maintainable code base for the macOS team, with reduced number of languages to deal with, and less external dependencies to worry about.